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Reference Attribute Filter Example

This article describes an example of a client contracts filter on the request form.

The system names of the record templates and attributes used in the example are given in the table:

Record template Attributes
Requests contract
Contracts client

The following functions and operators will be used in the expression:

  • "EQUALS()" function to select a record that corresponds to the client in the request;
  • "from" operator for listing all records from the "Contracts" record template;
  • "where" operator to select records that match the condition;
  • "select" operator for selecting attribute values.


Step-by-step instruction:

1. Create and customize record templates and attributes.

2. In the "Requests" record template, open "Forms".

3. Add the "contract" attribute to the form.

4. Enter an expression in the filter box.

from a in db->Contracts where EQUALS($client_requestor,a->client) select a->id



Element Definition
from a in db->Contracts

Declaring a local variable a.

Declaring the "Contracts" record template as a data source: db->Contracts.

Enumerate all entries from the "Contracts" record template.
where EQUALS($client_requestor,a->client) Selecting a record in which the value in "client_requestor" of the current request matches the value of the "client" attribute in the “Contracts” record template.
select a->id Select the required record IDs.