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Configuring a Calculated Attribute with a Formula

Use Case

The CMW Platform can calculate an attribute value on the fly (without storing it in the database) using a formula, N3 expression, DMN table, or another attribute.

In this article, we will configure the automatic client assignment for the currently logged-in user.


In our example, we have a database of clients, company managers, and requests. A client is attached to each manager. So, we can automatically assign a client when the manager creates a request.

To proceed with the example, create the templates and attributes as shown in the table below:

Record template system name Attribute system name Attribute type Description
Request ClientForCurrentUser Record

The ClientForCurrentUser attribute is linked to the Clients template and calculated based on the data stored in the Contact_persons template. 

Contact_persons Client Record The Client attribute is linked to the Clients template.
Manager Account The Manager attribute stores the manager account ID.
Clients Name Text The Clients template contains the client records. The Name attribute stores the client name.


  1. In the Request template, open the ClientForCurrentUser attribute.
  2. Check the Calculate using an expression box
  3. In the Calculated value field, enter the formula:
    from a in db->Contact_persons where EQUALS(a->Manager,USER()) select a->Client->name
  4. Click Save to save the attribute. 

Formula Syntax

Element Description
from a in db->Contact_persons 

from operator defines the data source:

  • Declares a local variable: a
  • Declares the Contact_persons template as the data source: in db->Contact_persons

  • Collects all records from the Contact_persons template to the variable a

where EQUALS(a>Manager,USER()) 

where operator defines the data selection condition:

  • USER() function returns the current user ID.
  • EQUALS() function returns true if the Manager attribute value in a Contact_persons record equals the current user ID.
select a->Client->Name 

select operator collects the entities matching the selection condition:

  • Returns an array of the Name attribute values from the Clients records that correspond to the current user.