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Buttons are not displayed

As part of creating a solution, buttons are often configured with the help of which users can perform certain operations (save a record, export a record to a customized template, initiate a process, etc.). Buttons can be located both in the upper panel of tables and forms, and on the forms themselves. What if you customize and place the buttons, bu... Read More

Calculated attribute change log cannot be viewed

In the settings of the attribute there is a «Track changes» flag, after applying which any changes in the attribute will be recorded. This flag can be set only for non-calculated attributes. History cannot be saved for calculated attributes, since calculated attributes are subject of computation and their value is always unstable. All changes to th... Read More

Calculated expression returns archived records

When a new record template is created in CMW Platform, a button with the «Archive» operation is automatically generated (it archives the selected records (i.e. it sets the value of the «_isDisabled» system attribute to «true»)) and is available for users to use. When working with the data late on, for example, while using Comindware Expression Lang... Read More

Can't start a process based on several records

In CMW Platform you can configure a button to start a process by a record. However, the possibility to select multiple records on the list can be somewhat confusing. It is impossible to start a process based on several records, since conflicts in attributes, actions, rules, etc. will arise. Thus, one process = one record. Solution: If you still wan... Read More

Error “Identifier “…” not found on the process diagram

It is important to understand the context when writing formulas as part of customizing a process diagram. The initial context within a process template is the context of the associated record template. If, when checking or publishing a process diagram, you encounter the error "Identifier "..." not found, location [...]", this means that in some exp... Read More

How to change the data type of an existing attribute?

CMW Platform has a useful feature for changing the data type of an attribute. Situations may occur when an attribute was quickly created and its data type was defined incorrectly, or during further design there appeared a need to change it. There are a few things to keep in mind when changing the data type: Whether this attribute is used in any ca... Read More

Information in the process notification was not sent

As part of the process, it is possible to configure the sending of an external notification (for example, to notify the client about the approval of the contract), with which you can transfer various kinds of data: text, attachments, or any other data connected with the process. If, after the process has started, it turned out that some of the info... Read More

Invalid instance hyperlink

If a user receives a system notification about a task assigned to him/her, and when he/she clicks on a link to a task, the system either gives an error or leads him/her to the wrong place, then most likely the system notifications were configured incorrectly. Pay special attention to which external server address is specified in the global configur... Read More

Optimizing Calculated Attributes

One possible reason for the performance degradation of CMW Platform is the use of calculated attributes. According to the existing logic, the value in the calculated attribute is not stored, but is calculated every time it is referred to. Depending on the complexity and correctness of the written expression, for example, a cyclic formula, recalcula... Read More

Reference field is empty

When configuring the attributes for a record template in CMW Platform, it is possible to create a reference attribute to select values from a list of records in another record template. Sometimes a user may face a situation when there is no possibility of choosing any of the values in the reference field on the form. One of the reasons may be an in... Read More

Script operation error

When setting up a button with the C# script operation, it is always important to do everything correctly. Incorrectly written logic, system names for templates, attributes, etc. may result in the script failure. What should you pay attention to when finding the causes for the script operation error in case it occurs? Solution: Check the correctnes... Read More

Unable to place some elements on a form through a reference field

In Comindware Business Application Platform there is an attribute data type called record. In the attribute settings, you can specify how many records can be stored in it: one or more, i.e., how many records in the target record template are referenced by the record in the current record template. This setting also affects the ability to add elemen... Read More

Unreadable text fields in a table on the form

By default, a limited amount of text is displayed in the table cells. To view all the text in a cell, the user can hover the mouse pointer over it — the text will be displayed in a tooltip. However, if the text is very large, it can be inconvenient to read it this way. In this case, the user should be able to view the entire record in a separ... Read More

What to do if the process gets looped?

CMW Platform is based on the BPMN standard, which allows to create a very flexible process workflow. In particular, it is possible to adjust the variability of subsequent steps using And/Or gateways, starting a subprocess in a loop, setting a timer at any step of the process. If the gateway, subprocess, or timer was incorrectly configured, there is... Read More