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Tasks due date approach reminders

For the successful work process it’s very important that all team members complete their tasks in time. With CMW Tracker you can be sure that nothing is lost or forgotten since it collects all your active tasks in your personal list “My Active Tasks”. Even if you are away from your account, the system will email you automated reminders to help you plan your working day efficiently. 

If you want the system to remind you about the due dates of your tasks, you can easily set it up in your user profile. First, open the ""Menu"" tab in ribbon and go to the section ""My Profile"". Once there, tick the check box “Start receiving daily notifications…” and select the time range.

Receiving daily notifications

We put two days here which means that on Monday we’ll get a notification about all our tasks which must be completed by Wednesday.

The notification messages will contain links to the tasks in question so you can quickly open them right from your email box:

Email notification

You can learn more about notification setup in this article.