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Permanent task URL

Each task in CMW Tracker has its own address (URL). It is very convenient in situations when you need to quickly share links to your tasks with your colleague (for example via Skype or e-mail).

That's how you do that. Simply click on the task twice to open its full view (without the list panel) and copy the URL in the address bar of your browser:

Task URL

If your teammate doesn’t have enough permissions to view the task you send him/her the link to you, the big “Access Denied” message will come up. Thus, you need to give this user permission to the app this tasks or request belongs to (or ask your manager to do that). Refer to this article  for more information about the security settings.

Access Denied

Keep in mind that if you want to make links between different items right in the system (for example, make support tickets display links to client contacts they are associated with or vice versa), you would better create fields of the “Reference” type for this purpose. It is more easy and convenient than to create links manually using URLs.

Find more information about “Reference” fields in this article.