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Parallel tasks in CMW Tracker

CMW Tracker can be configured to create multiple tasks for each item step.

Note that there is still one primary task linked directly to the corresponding item. Other tasks created in parallel will be subtasks to this primary task and will not be visible in the item.

For example here is a hiring workflow task currently at the ""interviewing"" step which is performed in two phases: HR person interview and hiring manager interview. Instead of creating 2 separate steps or creating one more subtask manually CMW Tracker can be configured to do this automatically:

Workflow Viewer

This hiring task has a primary subtask created and assigned to HR person - Sandra:


If we go ahead and open Sandra's task we will find one more subtask assigned to the hiring manager - Charles:


To configure parallel subtasks

1. Go to App settings

2. Open item template that needs to be updated and go to Workflow Scheme section

3. Double click on the step you want to set up parallel tasks at

4. Go to Responsible Persons section

5. Press ""Create Parallel Task..."" button

Create Parallel Task

6. Configure the parallel task the way you need.

Parallel Tasks