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Changing workflow on the fly during your process execution

Sometimes the workflow in your company may need to be restructured; the industry standards and requirements can change, requests processing may vary. Anyway, in course of time you need to make some changes in your CMW Tracker system. The advantage of CMW Tracker is - you can really change your workflow “on the fly”. 

Thanks to the Comindware Elastic Data Technology no coding and redeployment is required for it. It helps to avoid a long downtime; while your team members are working on their tasks, you can just go to the workflow settings and change them. Once you are done, just save the changes and refresh the page to see your renewed workflow in action.

If your business process became more complicated, for instance one more department must be engaged in the production or more people need to take care of the product you can easy add steps and transitions. You can also delete them with one click, if there is no need in them anymore. If the provisional terms and conditions have changed just go to the step/transition settings and change them immediately.

To do that, go to the Workflow App Settings menu and launch the “Workflow Scheme” builder. Once there, you can add or remove steps from your workflow, draw more transitions and apply or edit settings. You can refresh your knowledge of configuring the workflow in this article:

Workflow Scheme

Apply the changes wisely. If you remove a workflow step from your scheme, it will force all requests staying in this step jump back to the very first step of your workflow.  Thus, your team will need to process them again from the beginning.