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Reference fields display options

When working with your requests in CMW Tracker, you may need to make links between related entries. For example, connect a purchase order to a lead or link a support ticket with the related software bug. You can easily do that with the help of “Reference” fields. 

You can learn about reference fields and other field types in this article.

Though, creating a “Reference” field is only a half way through. CMW Tracker also provides you with some additional settings to change the way these fields are displayed in the form and therefore make them even more convenient to work with.

Let’s see how it works: first go to the settings of the app you are working with, once there click on the “Form”, here you can modify the request form. Click on the reference field and check the “Editor” box in the Form Element Properties. Now this option is activated and you can choose between “Reference explorer” and “Drop-down list box” display options:

Reference field formats

If you know that there are not many related objects to display it is better to choose the drop-down list mode. That way you are going to get a list of objects from another app to select a related one from:

Drop-down list

On the contrary, if you select the “Reference Explorer” display mode, the search menu will open in the pop-up window right after you click on the reference field. This mode is especially recommended if you have hundreds of entries and need to use extensive search for finding the required one. If nothing fits your search criteria, you can create a new related record right from the same window clicking on the “Create Related Item” button:

Search for the value