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Web Service Calls

You can configure one or more web service calls that will be executed when a workflow items moves to the step. This might come in handy if you want to perform some kind of integration upon entering the step (for example, send information about the approved client to the company's CRM system or upload client's contact information from it).

To configure a web service call:

1. Click «Add a web service call».

2. Set up the parameters of an automatic external web service call:

  • Name — enter a name for web service call;
  • Server settings — select from a drop-down list of web service endpoints created in the system;
  • Condition of request execution — by default, the web service call you set up will always occur when the workflow enters this step. However, if you want to perform a web service call only under a specific condition, you can set up a condition using the Comindware expression language. To do that, click the «Add a condition» button. See also: What is Comindware Expression Language;
  • Path — enter a path for web service call;
  • Headers — click «Add» to add headers to your request, if necessary;
  • Method — type of web request:
    • GET
    • POST
    • PUT
    • DELETE
  • Attributes — select an attribute, parse method and set the target location for response data.

3. When done, click «Save».

Configuring Web Service Call on a step