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Task Assignment

In this tab you can make employees responsible for the step by creating a task or several subtasks. You can also pre-populate all task fields with values or set field population rules.

To assign a responsible person and pre-populate task fields:

1. Select the «Assign tasks and pre-populate task fields» check box.

2. Click on «Task Settings» to expand it.

3. In the «Assignee» field, select a user who will be the task assignee.

4. Fill in other task fields: Title, Due Date, etc.

5. When finished, click «Save».


Here you can also create Subtasks. They are useful for splitting large or complex work in a workflow step into several tasks. Subtasks allow task assignees to complete tasks in any order without depending on one person creating a task before the second. Your workflow step is not complete until all subtasks are complete.

Example: An on-boarding checklist for a new employee. In the On-Boarding workflow step, you can create several tasks which will be executed in parallel, for example:

  • an employee completes the Personal Data Form;
  • the IT team sets up the computer, phone, software;
  • the Office Management team provides a new employee with office supplies;
  • the Security office creates a permanent parking permit for a new employee;
  • the employee’s manager schedules an employee to attend the Employee Orientation program.

To create subtasks:

1. Click the «Create a Subtask» button in the «Subtasks» area.

2. Specify the subtask settings.

3. When finished, click «Save».

Repeat this procedure for each subtask necessary.

Task Assignment