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For Team Manager: Create and Assign Tasks

How to Create a Team Task

Tasks are pieces of work that need to get done. They are parts of a project, or components of a day. They can exist on their own or they can be part of a larger picture with subtasks or workflows. You can assign them to yourself or to members of your team, and with CMW Tracker, you can track their status automatically. To create a new team task: 1.... Read More

How to Reassign a Task

Each task must be assigned to someone. The person who receives the task becomes the task assignee. If they assign the task to someone else, the new person becomes the task assignee, and gets the choice to reassign the task and so on. To reassign a task: 1. Select a task, click «Reassign» in the Ribbon. 2. Select a new task assignee. You can also as... Read More

How to Create a Subtask

Subtasks let you split up a big task into a number of smaller tasks which can be assigned and followed separately. Usually it gives a better picture of the progress on the task, and allows each person involved in resolving the task to better understand what part of the process they are responsible for. Subtasks can be created for any task in any st... Read More

How to Create a Recurring Task

A recurring a task is a task which repeats in a defined period of time and needs to be completed multiple times. Recurring tasks help you handle a lot of repeated stuff you do not want to forget about: write a weekly report (every 7 days on Friday); discuss project status (every business day at 12 PM); change water filter in coffee maker (every 30... Read More

How to Delete a Task

You might need to delete a task created by mistake, or a duplicated task. If a task has subtasks, they will be removed as well. A deleted task cannot be restored. To delete a task: 1. Select the task you want to delete. 2. Click the «Delete» button in the Ribbon. Read More