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For Team Member: Work with Tasks

How to Change Task Status

A task can have one of the following task statuses: Name Description Not Started The default status for a new task that has just been created. In Progress A task which has already been started, but not yet finished. Deferred A task, whose completion is postponed for the future. Completed A task that has no more work to be done. To c... Read More

How to Update % Complete

As a task assignee works on a task, they should update the «% Complete» value. By specifying a percentage of completion between 0 (for a task that hasn't started) and 100 (for a task that is finished), you can compare planned progress to actual progress. To update the completed percentage: 1. Open the task by double-clicking on it. 2. Go to th... Read More

How to Log Time Spent on a Task

Time tracking ensures that your business tasks remain accurate. Time tracking is important for measuring labor productivity, and allows it to be improved where necessary. To log time spent on a task: 1. Select a task. 2. In the «Time Spent» tab, click «Log time». 3. Specify the amount of time you spent on the task. 4. If necessary, you can log a c... Read More

How to Create a Personal Task

Personal tasks are accessible only to their creator. A task created by another user cannot be marked as personal. To create a personal task: 1. In the «My Desktop» area, click «New». 2. Select «New Task in Personal Tasks». Creating a personal task 3. Fill in the task details and click «Save». You can access your personal task from several list... Read More