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How to Create a Subtask

Subtasks let you split up a big task into a number of smaller tasks which can be assigned and followed separately. Usually it gives a better picture of the progress on the task, and allows each person involved in resolving the task to better understand what part of the process they are responsible for.

Subtasks can be created for any task in any status, except for tasks in the «Completed» status. Subtasks can have references to other tasks, subtasks, and documents. The number of subtasks is unlimited.

To create a subtask:

1. Go to the parent task.

2. Click on the «Subtasks» tab and click «Create».

3. Specify subtask details:

  • Assignee;
  • Due Date;
  • Subtask name;
  • Subtask Description.

4. When finished, click «Create».

Creating subtasks