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Managing Items, Tasks and Documents

Creating a Related Item or Document

While working on an item, you might need to start new activities that are related to your current work, such as: create a new software bug; assign an issue; create a new customer for a support request; create a new supplier for a purchase request; add an article to the knowledge base. If your current item comes with references to other work eleme... Read More

Cloning an Item, Task or a Document

If you have to create and manage many items, tasks or documents of the same type, for example, payments, you may reuse your existing items, tasks and documents by cloning and slightly modifying them after they are cloned. You can create one or more exact copies of a payment, changing only required data. A cloned item, task or document is a separate... Read More

Moving a Task to Another Application

If you face a situation where a task is not created in the right application, moving it from one application to another in a couple of clicks can be very useful. For example, there are software bugs related to different departments of your company. If a software bug is created in a department by mistake, it may be useful to move this bug to another... Read More

Attaching a File

You can attach any type of file to an item, task or document. CMW Tracker keeps track of previous versions of the attachment if you need to update the attachment. Attachments are shared across all tasks and subtasks within a parent workflow item. To attach a file: 1. Select the item, task or document to which you want to attach a file. 2. Click the... Read More

Adding a Comment

Comments allow you to record additional details about an item, thus facilitating collaboration with team members. Comments are shown in the «Discussion» tab when you select an item. Parent workflow items and their tasks and subtasks share any comments. Therefore, the whole discussion history is shown in the «Discussion» tab of each task and subtask... Read More

Replying to a Comment

You can reply to any comment within any item, task or document you have access to. To reply to a comment: 1. Browse to the comment you wish to reply to. 2. Click the «Reply» button to the right of the comment. 3. Type your reply into the comment box. 4. Click «Save». For Microsoft Outlook tasks, click «Save» in the Ribbon. As soon as the comment is... Read More

Exporting to Microsoft Word

You can export any Comindware item, task or document to a Microsoft Word file. This feature may be useful if you need to: print an invoice or an order to a customer; create release notes for a new software release in a docx document, create a project changelog. To export an item, task or document into a Microsoft Word file: 1. Open an item, task ... Read More