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Subscribing to Items/Tasks/Documents

Following Item Progress

You can follow particular item, tasks or document by signing up for e-mail notifications of any updates related to an item, task or document. By default, you receive e-mail notifications from CMW Tracker if you are a task assignee or a person responsible for an item step. However, you can become a follower of almost any item, task and document. To ... Read More

Managing Followers

You can manage a list of followers of am item, task or document. Once a user has been chosen as a follower or removed from a followers' list, they will receive an e-mail notification. To edit a list of followers of an item, task or document: 1. Open an item, task or a document. 2. Click the «Manage Followers» button in the Ribbon. 3. Select a ... Read More

Setting up Personal Notifications

You can turn personal e-mail notifications on/off, provided that the Comindware administrator has configured the outgoing e-mail server settings. You can enable/disable auto following as well. These settings can be changed from your profile. To open your profile settings: 1. Click the «Menu» tab and go to the «My Profile» page, or click your Comind... Read More