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Working with Workflow Items

About Workflow Items

A workflow item is something that requires the work of several people. Examples of workflow items include bugs, enhancements, vacancies, requirements. With workflow items you can control processes within your company or department, for example, in Software Development using bugs will help you manage the quality of your product. Workflow items also ... Read More

How to Create a Workflow Item

How to create a workflow item: 1. Go to «My Desktop», and click «New» in the Ribbon. Creating a workflow item 2. Select the type of a workflow item you want to create. 3. Fill in all the required fields and click «Save». As soon as you have clicked «Save» while creating a workflow item, a task will be created for the person who is responsible ... Read More

Working on a Workflow Item

As soon as a workflow item is assigned to you, you should perform your part of work on it. While working, you might need to update it, for example, add a comment, or attach a file, or fill in some field. The work that you need to do varies depends on the workflow item and the current task. When you have finished working with a workflow item, click ... Read More