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Pre-Populate Fields

Item fields can be automatically filled in when an item moves to a particular step. You can set an exact value for the field, calculate a field value using the Comindware Expression language, or clear the field value as soon as the item moves through the transition.

To pre-populate item fields:

1. Select a field you would like to fill in and click «Set Value».

2. Choose how you would like to pre-populate the field:

  • Trigger Type:
    • Update value — field value will be updated;
    • Delete value — field item will be cleared.
  • Set a default value — you can set an exact value to the field (available when Trigger Type is «Update value»);
  • Type a rule expression using the Comindware Expression language — field value can be calculated using the formula written in the Comindware Expression language (See also: What is Comindware Expression Language) (available when Trigger Type is «Update value»).

3. When finished, click «Save».

Pre-populating fields during a transition