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Managing Followers

You can manage a list of followers of am item, task or document. Once a user has been chosen as a follower or removed from a followers' list, they will receive an e-mail notification.

To edit a list of followers of an item, task or document:

1. Open an item, task or a document.

2. Click the «Manage Followers» button in the Ribbon.

3. Select a user to be added to, or removed from the list. To select multiple users, just click on them. Click a user one more time to unselect. Use the «Add» («>») and «Add All» («>>») buttons to add users from the «Available» box, and the «Remove» («<») and «Remove All» («<<») buttons to remove the selected users from the followers' list.

Adding users to the list of followers

4. When finished, click «Save» to apply changes.