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Windows System Information File

If you have a problem with a Comindware product installed on your Windows server, Windows System Information file can be useful for troubleshooting the issue. This file contains the following information:

  • Operating system
  • System drivers
  • Running processes
  • Services
  • Program groups
  • Startup programs
  • Description

Follow these steps to get the Windows System Information file on your machine:

1. Open Start\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\System Information.

2. Choose the Save option in the File menu (or Action menu under Windows 2000), enter the File name and set the field Save as type to System Information File (*.NFO)

If the operating system is Windows Server 2003 SP2, you can get the following error message:

Windows cannot open Help and Support because a system service is not running. To fix this problem, start the service named “Help and Support”.

To resolve the issue, please see Microsoft Knowledge Base.

If your server is running Windows NT 4.0, you can get the file this way:

1. Start->Programs->Administrative Tools (common)->Windows NT Diagnostics.

2. File -> Save Report.

3. Select Scope: ""All tabs"", Detail Level: ""Complete"", Destination: ""File"".

Windows System Information does not contain confidential data. Comindware Customer Headquarters representative will use it strictly for troubleshooting