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Outgoing email channel for Microsoft Office 365 stopped working

If you have used Microsoft Office 365 server in your outgoing email channel, you might have noticed that recently users stopped receiving task notifications and/or other custom notifications that were set up in your product instance and when you try to test the outgoing email channel you get an error. The bottom of this issue is that Microsoft has recently disabled the basic authentication method used when connecting to their email services. 


  1. Make sure you receive an updated version of CMW Tracker if you're using the on-premise version of the product. All instances hosted in Comindware cloud are updated automatically.
  2. Update your product instance. Skip this step if you're using the cloud version of the product.
  3. Re-configure your outgoing email channel as described in the article Using Microsoft Office 365 as an outgoing server for Email Notifications in CMW Tracker.