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Users cannot get into CMW Tracker after the server hardware is changed

When you install and activate Comindware software on your client server, your hardware ID is recorded for each license key you use.  

If you change the hardware on your machine (get a faster processor or add more RAM for better performance), the actual ID of your hardware will change as well. As a result, your Comindware license keys will require re-activation to record the new hardware parameters. Before you do that, no one will be able to get into the system except for the account Administrator since that’s the only user who can re-activate the keys for everyone. This restriction helps to prevent unauthorized keys usages on multiple servers.

Comindware Customer Headquarters specialists will help you to changes the hardware ID for your keys so you team can start using the tool again. You can send the request at this page.

Before you fire the request off to the helpdesk, please don’t forget to grab the “ActivationRequest.txt” file with your new hardware information as described here and attach it to your message.

After we update the keys for you, you can simply go to the account Administration area -> License Manager -> Add Product Key, paste all your keys into “Add product keys” field and click on the “Activate” button. After that all you keys will become active again and your team members will be able to get in and go on with their tasks.