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About Template Fields

Fields retain all the information you want to be present in your task or document. You can use default fields in your form and create your own fields. Each new field is automatically added to a global category of fields and can be used in other applications. We strongly recommend reusing existing fields as you will be able to create different types... Read More

How to Create a Field

To create a new field: 1. Select the application and click «Fields». 2. In the Ribbon, click «New Field». 3. In the «Name» field, specify a name that will be displayed to users. 4. In the «ID» field, a unique ID is required for internal identification of the field. The ID should start with a Latin letter. 5.  In the «Type» field, choose the type o... Read More

How to Remove a Field

You can remove a field from the application if you no longer need it in your tasks or documents. Note that removing a field does not permanently delete it from the system. You can add it again any time you need. To remove a field: 1. Go to an application, click «Fields». 2. Select a field, click the «Remove Field» button in the Ribbon. Read More