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How to Create a Field

To create a new field:

1. Select the application and click «Fields».

2. In the Ribbon, click «New Field».

3. In the «Name» field, specify a name that will be displayed to users.

4. In the «ID» field, a unique ID is required for internal identification of the field. The ID should start with a Latin letter.

5.  In the «Type» field, choose the type of field data. The following types of field data are available:

Name Description
Text A text string field to store any plain text.
Number A field to store any numeric value, e.g. 10, 1024, -15.
Date/Time A field that stores year, date, and time, in the format according to the regional settings of the operating system of your web server.
Duration A field that stores the total span of active time as entered or as calculated based on two dates (usually, start and end dates).
List of Values Stores a number of predefined string values. Allows you to choose one of the values from the drop-down list. An example may be a «Country» field in a registration form that offers choosing a country from the drop-down list.

Stores a reference to another object, or a hyperlink.

While designing a template you might provide for easy creating of related work elements by users. You should create fields referencing required groups for that. Don’t forget to add the created fields to the template’s form as well. This allows users to easily create referenced tasks or items by clicking the «Related» button in the Ribbon.

User This field allows you to select a Comindware user from the drop-down list.

6. Go to «Field attributes» tab and set the following field properties, if necessary:

Name Description
Multiple values Select the check box to assign the same type of multiple values to the field. For example, if this parameter is checked for the type of User field, you will be able to select multiple users.
Read only Select the check box if you do not want the field to be modified.
Disable history logging Select the check box if you do not want this field to be logged in History.
Value is unique

Select the check box to check if the value assigned to this field is unique and has not been assigned before for this field type.

This value can be applied to Social Security numbers, e-mail addresses, client IDs, etc.

Calculated A calculated field can perform calculations by using the contents of other fields using the Comindware Expression Language. Select the «Calculated» check box, and in the «Field Expression» field specify your formula. See also: What is Comindware Expression Language.
Prefiltered This option is available for Reference type fields. Select the «Prefiltered» check box, and in the «Filter rule» field specify your formula. See also: What is Comindware Expression Language.

7. When finished, click the «Save & Close» button.