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Sales FAQ

This article provides answers to the most frequently asked sales- and licensing-related questions about Сomindware support and services. This list is not intended to be exhaustive so if you do not find an answer to your question feel free to contact our support team right away.


Q: What license types are available?

A: We offer monthly and annual subscriptions for both cloud and on-premise (installable) versions of Comindware software. You can learn about the prices on this page.

Q: What is the licensing policy for Comindware products?

A: Comindware products are licensed on a per-user (assigned, not floating) basis. This means that you will need to purchase one license for each individual user of your Comindware product. Subscriptions also include technical support and product updates for the whole subscription period, so you don’t need to pay an extra fee for having access to our customer care team and keeping the software up-to-date.

Q: Can I reassign a license from one individual to another (e.g. if a person leaves the company)?

A: Yes. Technically licenses are not bound to individual users for the lifetime so you can reassign licenses between users within Comindware products' interface. It is recommended to use this process for managing new/leaving employees only and maintain the pool of licenses equal to the number of active users of Comindware within your company. Maintaining a smaller pool of licenses and reassigning them between active employees on a regular basis is very impractical. Please refer to the following article to get more information on how to reassign licenses between users in CMW Tracker.


Q: How can I buy Comindware products?

A: Currently there are two ways of purchasing our products from Comindware directly - either online through our website or by contacting our sales team. If you want to purchase our products online, you need to go to  and select the product you are interested in under the ""Products"" tab. If you want to discuss the purchase and get some additional help from our sales team, either fill out our sales contact form and we will get back to you with an answer or call us  US business hours, directly at (888) 317-4608 (US, toll-free).


Q: How do I purchase and activate additional product keys?

A:  If you need to get additional licenses for your Comindware product, first of all log into your personal account at Comindware website and go to the “Products and subscriptions” section. You will see the “Buy more” button under the “General information” area of your product details. Click on it to go straight to selecting the amount of product keys you want to obtain and checking out with the order. If you worked with a Comindware sales representative or a reseller to get your product, please use the same channel and get in touch with your contact person to purchase additional product keys.


Q: How can I contact Comindware Sales Team directly?

A: Either call our sales line (888) 317-4608 (US, toll-free) during US business hours or fill out our sales contact form to request a contact offline.  All requests will be sent to the sales team or the appropriate contact who will reach out to you as soon as possible.


Q: How do I become a reseller of Comindware products?

A: Simply contact our sales team and you will be forwarded to the appropriate person to discuss the partnership. In order to contact our sales team, either call our sales line (888) 317-4608 (US, toll-free) during US business hours or fill out our sales contact form to request a contact offline.  All requests will be sent to the sales team or the appropriate contact who will reach out to you as soon as possible.


Q: Are there any special offers on your products available?

A: Yes. We are currently offering a flexible volume discount program that helps you save money as you purchase more product keys of Comindware product. If you are interested in CMW Tracker , please contact our sales team directly to get an individual quote. Also, if you subscribe to the annual plan of the cloud-based version of any of our products, you will save 20% compared to the monthly plan.


Q: Can I retain my data when switching from a trial to a full version?

A: Yes. If you sign up for a commercial cloud subscription during your trial, all your data will be preserved so you don’t need to rebuild everything from scratch. Even if you want to switch from your cloud-based product to the on-premise version, we can keep all your records and transfer them to your machine for you. Contact our support team if you need our assistance with any of these operations. Keep in mind that we will keep your trial data for no more than 2 weeks after it expires if you don’t sign up for a commercial subscription during that period.


Q: Are you offering a hosted (cloud) version of your products?

A :  Yes. Comindware products are currently offered in both cloud and on-premises installation types so if you do not want to bother yourself with installing the product, managing its updates and maintaining the hardware it is installed on, the cloud version is what you need. It is completely identical to the on-premises version functionality-wise so you don't have to compromise on the product capabilities when choosing the installation type.You can evaluate the cloud version of CMW Tracker  for free by requesting a product trial.