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Cloud edition

CMW Tracker in Cloud database size calculation

When creating a new Customer instance or altering the number of users on an existing instance in the cloud environment, CMW Tracker puts a limit on the database size based on the number of users licensed for this instance. To calculate this limit, the total number of users licensed to the instance is divided into buckets each of which has the cor... Read More

Comindware Data Security in Cloud

Physical Security: The cloud version of CMW Tracker is hosted in an Amazon EC2 - based environment and thus leverages the Amazon’s measures, procedures and policies when it comes to the physical security of the data centers and servers the data is hosted on. Put simply, we are using the best, most secure and properly managed physical infrast... Read More

Comindware Maintenance Mode

The cloud edition of Comindware products is hosted in a cloud environment and while that makes hardware maintenance a non-issue, the software infrastructure needs to be periodically updated to roll up the latest updates. Operating system updates and some of the updates of Comindware product itself require the service to be brought down for a limite... Read More