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About Custom Logo

You can customize CMW Tracker with your company's logo and favicon. Users will see your company logo and favicon every time they use CMW Tracker. You can upload two different size pictures as a custom logo.

Wide Logo

The wide logo is displayed on the login page in the top right corner and in the Menu tab in the bottom left corner. The preferred size of the wide logo is 150x35 pixels.

You can also set a URL and a tooltip for the logo.

See also: Adding a Wide/Small Logo.


Small Logo

The small logo is displayed in the program header to the right of the search box. The preferred size of the small logo is 24x24 pixels.

See also: Adding a Wide/Small Logo .



The favicon is a small 16x16-pixel picture displayed in the address bar of your browser.

See also: Adding a Favicon.



You can also change the Comindware title.

See also: Adding a Title.


Who can add logos

Comindware administrators

Preliminary steps

  • CMW Tracker Full license added (for on-premises software version)
  • Users and user groups added
  • Product keys for CMW Tracker Full license assigned to users