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Enabling Single Sign-On

About Single Sign-On

The single sign-on feature allows a user to log in once in CMW Tracker without being prompted to log in again next time when a user wants to access CMW Tracker. Single sign-on benefits: Reducing password fatigue from different user name and password combinations; Reducing time spent re-entering passwords for the same identity; Reducing IT costs du... Read More

Configuring Single Sign-On under IIS

If your CMW Tracker is installed as an IIS server, you will need to configure Windows Authentication in IIS. The default authentication configuration for IIS 7 enables Anonymous authentication only. Before configuring, make sure you have modified the web.config file. To install the Windows Authentication module: 1. Go to «Start» > «Control Panel... Read More

Configuring Your Web Browser

After the Comindware administrator has enabled single sign-on on the server, each Comindware user who would like to use this feature should configure their web browser. Single sign-on can be configured for the following browsers: Internet Explorer (See also: Configuring Internet Explorer); Mozilla Firefox (See also: Configuring Mozilla Firefox); G... Read More

Configuring Internet Explorer

Each Comindware user who would like to use single sign-on in Internet Explorer should add the CMW Tracker web site to the list of the trusted web sites. To enable single sign-on in Internet Explorer: 1. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to «Tools» > «Internet Options». 2. Click the «Security» tab and choose the «Trusted Sites» icon. 3. Click on... Read More

Configuring Mozilla Firefox

Each Comindware user who would like to use single sign-on should add the CMW Tracker URL to the list of trusted URIs in the network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris parameter in Mozilla Firefox. To enable single sign-on in Mozilla Firefox: 1. Open Mozilla Firefox. 2. In the address bar of the web browser type the following text: about:config. Mozil... Read More

Enabling Single Sign-On in CMW Tracker Installed as a Service

To configure the single sign-on feature, you will need to change the settings in the web.config file located in the product installation folder. Please note that after each update of CMW Tracker the web.config file will be overwritten with the new one. You will need to back up the configured web.config file before the update and restore it when the... Read More