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Managing Product Licenses

On-Premise Licenses

To use the on-premise version of CMW Tracker, you will need at least one CMW Tracker Full license and (optionally) CMW Tracker Basic license. CMW Tracker Full License CMW Tracker Full License provides unlimited access to all features and capabilities of CMW Tracker, including working with tasks, workflows, collaborative features, reports and dashbo... Read More

Cloud Subscriptions

CMW Tracker can be used as a Cloud subscription-based service. Cloud service provides exactly the same functionality as on-premise CMW Tracker installation. Trial Subscription You can evaluate the full functionality of CMW Tracker for free during a 30 day trial period. Once your trial period is over, the CMW Tracker features will be locked, but you... Read More

Assigning Licenses to Users

There are two ways to assign licenses to users: In «License Manager» (on-premise version) or «Subscription Manager» (cloud version) by assigning users. In the on-premise version each key should be assigned at least to one user; On the «Users» page. To assign licenses in License Manager: 1. Open «Administration» > «License Manager». 2. Select t... Read More