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About Workspaces

A workspace is an area for a team, project or department to manage different activities in this team or project. For example, in a software development company you may have a Support Workspace for the Support team, a QA Workspace for the QA team, a Product Management Workspace for Product Managers, and a Human Resources Workspace. Each workspace in... Read More

How to Create a Workspace

How to create a workspace: 1. Click «Create Workspace» in the lower left cornerof the window. 2. Specify a workspace name, for example, «HR Dept», «Project Development», «Designers», and workspace description. 3. Click «Save» to create a workspace and proceed to its configuration: Add workspace participants (Managing Workspace Users and Security S... Read More

Managing Workspace Users and Security Settings

You can add workspace participants either by adding individual users or by adding groups of users. When you add workspace participants, you also assign a different set of permissions to them. To manage workspace participants: 1. Go to the «Settings» of a workspace. 2. Go to «Security». 3. Choose a security permission you want to assign to a user in... Read More

Basic Workspaces

You can create a special workspace for Comindware users who do not have the CMW Tracker (full) license assigned, but who still need to create workflow items. Such users are called Basic Users. In the Basic Workspace such users can create and manage tasks in particular workflow applications. Basic Workspace is a simplified version of the CMW Tracker... Read More