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Basic Workspaces

You can create a special workspace for Comindware users who do not have the CMW Tracker (full) license assigned, but who still need to create workflow items. Such users are called Basic Users. In the Basic Workspace such users can create and manage tasks in particular workflow applications. Basic Workspace is a simplified version of the CMW Tracker main interface.

Basic Users have their own type of license — CMW Tracker Basic, which is much cheaper than the CMW Tracker (full) license.

Basic workspace benefits

  • As Basic Users do not use the full functionality of CMW Tracker, you do not have to purchase extra CMW Tracker (full) licenses to allow them to collaborate;
  • It may come in handy to have some information hidden from Basic Users, for example, budgeting a particular item;
  • You can customize the view of Basic Users' items.

Use Cases

  • Implementing the Help Desk Service request process. Your company employees create Help Desk tickets on the Basic Workspace page and track their progress;
  • Implementing electronic document management process. Your company employees create document preparation requests for the Human Resources or Financial department (for example, a Vacation Request or W2 Form Request).

Who can create and configure Basic Workspaces

Comindware architects or Comindware administrators

Preliminary steps

  • CMW Tracker Full license added, CMW Tracker Basic license added (for on-premises software version).
  • Users and user groups added.
  • Product keys for CMW Tracker Full license and for CMW Tracker Basiclicense assigned to users.
  • Workflow applications created.

To create a Basic Workspace:

1. Go to «Administration» > «Basic Workspaces».

2. Click «New Page» in the Ribbon to open the Basic Workspace setup.

3. Specify the page general settings:

  • Page title — specify the name of the workspace;
  • Description — specify the description of the workspace (optional).

4. Go to the «Apps» tab and select applications by using the «Add» («>»), «Add All» («>>»), «Remove» («<») and «Remove All» («<<») buttons.

5. When finished, click «Save & Close».