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About Applications

An application is a group of tasks or documents of the same type. There are three types of applications in CMW Tracker: applications for workflow tasks, or «Workflow Apps». A workflow task is something that requires attention of several people in turn in your department, for example, a customer claim, a tracking issue, a help desk request. applica... Read More

How to Create an Application

You can create as many applications as you wish for each workspace, depending on your needs and the data you work with. How to create an application: 1. Open a workspace, in the left pane click «New Application». 2. Choose the application type. 3. Specify the app name (for example, «Help Desk Tickets» for a Workflow app, «Client Base» for a documen... Read More

Configuring Application Security Settings

After the application is created, you need to add users who will work with it. Within the application, a user must be added to one of the default or custom roles, each of which implies a particular set of permissions. Users can be added individually or in bulk by groups. Default security roles CMW Tracker provides 4 default security roles, each of ... Read More

Setting up E-mail Notifications

An application owner can create an e-mail notification scheme to notify Comindware users and user groups when a task or a document which belongs to this application changes or an event occurs. To set up e-mail notifications for an application: 1. Click «E-mail Notifications» inside an application. 2. Double-click on an event type, and choose notifi... Read More

Adding Existing Applications in a Workspace

You can add existing applications from other workspaces into your workspace. The application will be accessed from both workspaces. After you have added an application into a workspace, add users from the new workspace into application security settings. To add an application in a workspace: 1. Go to the settings of the Workspace. 2. Click «Add/Rem... Read More