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Interface Basics

Administration Area

CMW Tracker configuration is performed from the «Administration» area. Accessing Administration area The «Administration» area can only be accessed by users who have previously been granted Comindware administrator or Comindware architect privileges. To access the administration area: 1. Log in to CMW Tracker. 2. Click the «Administration» icon loc... Read More

My Desktop Area

My Desktop is your personal area where you work with CMW Tracker tasks, items, lists and dashboards. Accessing «My Desktop» area My Desktop area is available to any Comindware user regardless of their privileges or permissions after the user has logged in to CMW Tracker. My Desktop screen view Elements of «My Desktop» area Ribbon — disp... Read More

Navigation Pane

The Navigation pane appears on the left side of the screen. The Navigation pane provides quick access to your default lists and dashboards, including lists and dashboards that you have previously created, granted access to, or added to Favorites. All workspaces you are entitled to view or manage are also displayed in the Navigation pane. Operations... Read More

List Pane

The List pane is the area in the middle of the Comindware program window. The List pane displays different list views and action pages according to the list you select in the Navigation pane. You can change the way in which your tasks and items are sorted and grouped. List pane Read More

Details Pane

The Details pane is an area where you can preview a task, or item information. The Details pane appears to the right of the List pane. Details pane Read More

Recently Opened pane

The Recently Opened pane appears to the right of the Details pane, and shows links to tasks and items that you've recently opened. By default, this pane is hidden. You can enable it by clicking «Panes» in the Ribbon and selecting «Show Recently Opened Pane». Clearing the «Recently Opened» items history To remove a particular link, move the mou... Read More


The program header is the area at the top of the program window. The program header includes the Command Bar, Search box, and Custom Logo (if enabled). Header Command Bar The Command bar appears at the top right of the program window, and provides quick access to the following areas: Your profile; Help topics; Administration area (if you have C... Read More


Program functions are accessed primarily through the Ribbon Toolbar (or Ribbon for short). It is divided into tabs that group functions according to tasks. The program ribbon Hiding the Ribbon The Ribbon can quickly be hidden to give you more room to work. To hide the ribbon, click the «Hide/Show Ribbon» icon on the upper-right corner in the pro... Read More