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My Desktop Area

My Desktop is your personal area where you work with CMW Tracker tasks, items, lists and dashboards.

Accessing «My Desktop» area

My Desktop area is available to any Comindware user regardless of their privileges or permissions after the user has logged in to CMW Tracker.

My Desktop screen view

Elements of «My Desktop» area

  • Ribbon — displays operations that the program can perform. Ribbon icons areorganized into groups that comprise closely-related commands (See more: Ribbon);
  • Header — appears across the top of the program window. Includes company name and logo, links to user profile, help and a link to the «Administration» area (See more: Header);
  • Recently Opened — provides quick access to your last visited Comindware tasks and items (See more: Recently Opened pane);
  • Navigation pane — provides easy access to your favorite lists, dashboards, all lists and dashboards that you are allowed to view, and workspaces (See more: Navigation Pane);
  • List pane — contains a list of tasks or items contained in the currently selected list in the Navigation pane. Provides sorting and management capabilities for listed items (See more: List Pane);
  • Details pane — an area where you can preview, or manage a task or an item when you selected it in the List pane (See more: Details Pane).

Actions you can perform in «My Desktop» area

In «My Desktop» area , you can perform various activities:

  • Create new tasks, manage existing tasks;
  • Create new items, manage existing items;
  • Create new lists of tasks and items, edit existing lists, delete lists;
  • Create new dashboards, add or remove widgets, delete dashboards;
  • Organize your Favorites: add lists and dashboards, sort them in the right order.