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Assigning Licenses to Users

There are two ways to assign licenses to users:

  • In «License Manager» (on-premise version) or «Subscription Manager» (cloud version) by assigning users. In the on-premise version each key should be assigned at least to one user;
  • On the «Users» page.

To assign licenses in License Manager:

1. Open «Administration» > «License Manager».

2. Select the CMW Tracker license you want to assign.

3. Click «Manage Keys» in the Ribbon.

4. Click «Assign Users» in the left part of the window.

5. Select the users to whom the product key will be assigned.

6. Click «Save».

Assigning a product key to users in License Manager

To assign licenses on the users management page:

1. Open «Administration» > «Users».

2. Using Ctrl and Shift on your keyboard, select the users to whom CMW Tracker licenses of a certain type will be assigned.

3. Click «Assign License» in the Ribbon.

4. In the newly opened window, select the license type. The hints in the window will guide you through the licensing procedure.

5. Click «Save».

Assigning licenses on the users management page