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CMW Tracker has a fully customizable reporting function that lets you sort, filter, change views, add widgets, and essentially go crazy with real-time visibility and insight.

And only Comindware lets you run all of your projects and departments on a single system, so you can keep all of your organization’s data together in one place if you’d like. This flexibility (from a new kind of database called ElasticData) lets you have departmental, team-specific, and organizational views of your operations.

Here are three tools you can use to run your real-time statistics:

  • List — a customizable view of items or tasks based on your preferences, and you can filter and sort the information however you’d like (See more: About Lists);
  • Widget — a chart showing the data that you selected when you made your list. You can use widgets to visually compare data and data trends (See more: Adding and Configuring Widgets);
  • Dashboard — a «board» where you keep your widgets, allowing you to see all of your information in one place (See also: About the Dashboard).