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We’ve defined each term so that you’ll achieve success sooner with CMW Tracker. To put it all together:

1. Create a Workspace and a workflow app in the workspace.

2. Define a Workflow Scheme and specify who gets a Task at each stage.

3. Then design how the workflow task will look when your team members fill out.


We have many resources to walk you through the process of trying CMW Tracker in your environment as you decide the following:

1. Who will use the system? (either add them manually or use LDAP integration).

2. For which departments, teams or offices should you create Workspaces?

3. Which requests, processes and functions need to be tracked, with Applications created to do the job?

Remember, each Comindware App captures these three things:

  • The data in the Fields of your Form;
  • What the Form «looks and feels» like by having the fields arranged however you want;
  • The Workflow Scheme that follows the process you need.

4. What data do you need to be available to yourself, globally, in real-time and historically?

5. What level of permission should each of your Workspaces and Apps have?

These steps are what you need to consider when you build a fully functional sample tracker from the ground up. Normally, you’ll only repeat steps 3 through 6 for each new application you want to use within an existing Workspace.