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Workspaces, Applications


A workspace is a team or a project. For example, you might have department-specific Workspaces, such as «IT» and «Administration».

You could also have a project-specific Workspace that would include people from several departments, such as «Sales Kick-Off» or «Building Construction».


These Workspaces contain Applications. An application is a collection of items of the same type. There are three types of applications in CMW Tracker which can hold three types of items:

  • Workflow app — stores workflow items of the same type processed by a workflow;
  • Tasks app — stores different tasks scattered across your team;
  • Documents app — stores documents of the same type.

In each application you initially configure the view of items or docs it contains as well as information that item or docs will keep. Each application can have different security settings, different people from various departments, and so on. Here is an example of how Workspaces and Applications fit together:

  • Departmental Workspace: «IT»:
    • «Help Desk Requests» workflow app;
    • «Hardware Inventory» documents app;
  • Departmental Workspace: «Administration»:
    • «Product Campaigns» workflow app;
    • «Product Reviews» workflow app;
  • Project-Specific Workspace: «Sales Kick-off»:
    • «Budget Committee» workflow app;
    • «Training Content» documents app.

See more: About Workspaces, About Applications.