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Before You Start

A worfkow applicaton with a configured workflow is required to check how the expressions work. You can create your custom workflow application and configure a workflow. You can also use any workflow application from our pre-designed solutions (see About One-Click Business Applications). Read More

Built-in Editor

CMW Tracker provides the easy-to-use built-in editor for users. The built-in editor automatically suggests the list of possible functions and field identifiers while a user is typing. The editor also supports syntax highlighting and provides code formatting tools. Creating a validation rule using built-in editor Read More


This article describes the syntax and use of each function in the Comindware Expression Language. ADD()   Description Adds two values. Strings concatenation is not supported. Function syntax ADD(argument1, argument2) Arguments argument1: number; argument2: number argument1: duration; argument2: duration argument1: date/time; argument2: d... Read More


Most of the things you work with in CMW Tracker are represented by instances of an Object data type. Object instances are the actual objects you see in CMW Tracker, such as: account application workflow item task document workflow status value of a field of the List of values type. The List of values type is a type whose fields consist of a fixed ... Read More

Data Types

The following table shows the CMW Tracker data types. Data type Description Object Use the Object data type to declare an object, for example, a task, an item, an application or an account. Number The Number data type represents floating-point values. String Use the String data type to define a series of characters. Boolean Use the Bool... Read More


DATE()   Description Declares a date in ISO format. Date and time values are organized from the most to the least significant: year, month (or week), day, hour, minute, second, and fraction of second. Format Date: YYYY-MM-DD or YYYYMMDD Time: hh:mm:ss or hhmmss Syntax DATE(argument1) Arguments argument1: string Returns date/time ... Read More