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Data Types

The following table shows the CMW Tracker data types.

Data type Description
Object Use the Object data type to declare an object, for example, a task, an item, an application or an account.
Number The Number data type represents floating-point values.
String Use the String data type to define a series of characters.
Boolean Use the Boolean data type to contain two-state values such as true/false.
List The List data type represents an ordered collection of values, called elements, each of which is of the same data type.
Date/Time Use the Date/Time data type to contain date and time values.
Duration The Duration data type represents time intervals. The value is the number of seconds in the interval in ISO format.

You can add and subtract Date/Time and Duration values, using the following rules.

Operation Result
duration + duration duration
date/time + duration date/time
duration - duration duration
date/time - duration date/time
date/time - date/time duration