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What Is CMW Tracker

CMW Tracker is designed to coordinate your team and projects like customer and IT requests, approvals, issues and incidents, software bugs, new product requirements, hiring and vacations, invoices and POs, regulatory requirements, and the variety of other processes in any area of your organization.

For Team Managers For Team Members

Build Processes That Work

Visually design and manage processes that work — and change them on-the-fly when they don’t.

Comindware also provides pre-designed, configurable solutions for a faster start.

Keep Everything Organized

Manage activities scattered across unsorted documents and e-mails in one single place.

Initiate Processes

Streamline repeatable operations by automating your workflows. Cut direct costs and time by 30%-50% on a wide variety of collaborative business activities.

Know What to Do And When

Automatically generate and receive next-step tasks and priorities.

Create and Assign Tasks

Organize teamwork, turn project plans into manageable tasks. Create and assign tasks, add subtasks.

Manage Your Tasks Easier

A task is the only thing you work with. Tasks generated by processes, team tasks and individual tasks are collected, prioritized and managed in one place.

Build Real-Time Charts

Control the status of everything that's going on through dashboards, lists, and widgets.

Meet Deadlines With Task Lists

Keep deadlines with a unified task list and prioritization.

API and Integrations

A web services-based API makes it easy to integrate Comindware with any third party systems and services. You also get sample integrations so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Make the Most of Outlook

Collaborate on tasks and create sub-tasks directly within Outlook’s task management interface. Comindware makes it possible with deep, patent-pending Outlook Integration via a free Comindware Tasks for Outlook module.