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Validate Selected Users

Validation of selected user

You can create the rule to check if a valid responsible person is assigned to an item.

To add the rule:

1. Open a workspace, open a workflow app inside a workspace and click «Fields».

2. Create the «Responsible Person» field (ID: Responsible) of the User type and drag it to the form.

3. Go to «Workflow Scheme» and click a required step or transition.

4. In the «Validation Rules» tab, click «Add Rule» to create a new rule and type the following expression:

EQUALS($Responsible, ID("account.2"))

5. Type the rule name and the validation message that will be displayed if entered data don't match the rule conditions. Click «Save».

To check how it works, create a new workflow item and select a user as responsible. Move the workflow item through workflow. On entering the required step or on performing the required transition the validation message will be shown to you, if the selected user cannot be assigned as responsible person. You must select another user to enter the step or perform the transition.


Limiting the choice of users to several possible variants

Expand our previous example so that the rule sets the list of possible variants. The syntax of the modified expression is as follows:


Type the rule name and the validation message text for the new rule and click «Save».

If selected user is not valid the following message will be displayed.