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How to Migrate Data Using Import

To add data from a CSV or Excel file:

1. Go to the application's settings and click «Import from CSV/MS Excel».

2. Add a CSV or Excel file by clicking «Add file» next to «File format».

3. When the file is added, fill in the following settings (in case of CSV file):

Field Description
Text separator

Select a separator character that is used in the CSV file.

  • ,
  • ;
  • -
  • Tab
  • Space

Choose a character set used in the CSV file from the list of predefined character sets.

4. Customize the field mapping between the CSV or Excel file and CMW Tracker application fields. Based on this mapping, new items will be added from the CSV or Excel file and created in CMW Tracker.

In the «Data Mapping» section, select a corresponding CMW Tracker field from the drop down list which corresponds to a CSV or Excel column shown to the left.

5. If you want to update your application with the CSV or Excel file, iIn the «Existing Items Update» section select the «Update existing app items with data from the CSV file» check box.

6. When finished, click «Import CSV File» in the Ribbon.