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Create a Time Stamp for Each Workflow Transition

You can make time stamps on entering a workflow step or on transition execution. Create the required number of fields of the Date/Time type and drag them into the form. In our example the «Time Stamps» tab was created to contain all the time stamps.

To configure a time stamp rule:

1. Select a workspace, select an application inside a workspace.

2. Click «Workflow Scheme».

3. Enter any transition settings and click the «Pre-populate Fields» tab.

4. Find the required field and click «Set Value».

5. Type the following rule expression, which will be applied on transition execution:


Repeat the above steps sequentially for each transition. You should also reset your Duration and Date/Time fields before start using them. You can perform this operation on entering the start step of your workflow.

To check how the created rules work, create a new workflow item and move it through workflow. Once a transition is executed, current server date and time is displayed in the specified field.