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Connecting to SMTP

To connect CMW Tracker to a company's SMTP server:

1. Go to «Administration» > «Email Channels».

2. Click the «New Email Channel» in the Ribbon.

3. Specify the following fields based on the SMTP server details as follows:

Field Description
Channel Name Specify channel title that will be shown in the list of email channels.
Direction Outgoing (in this case).
Server type SMTP (in this case).
Use encryption

Select enctyption if your email server uses one. The available options:

  • None
  • TLS
  • SSL
Host name Specify the full URL or IP address of your SMTP server.
Port number Leave blank for default (port 25 for SMTP) or specify your value.
User name (optional) Enter a user name if the e-mail server requires authentication.
Password (optional) Enter a password if the e-mail server requires authentication.
From address E-mail address that appears in the ""From"" field of all e-mail messages sent by CMW Tracker.
Timeout Specify the timeout period in seconds. By default, the timeout is set to 10 seconds.

4. Click «Test Configuration» to check the connection to server and then click «Save» to save the settings.

Configuring SMTP Server settings