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Comindware Maintenance Mode

The cloud edition of Comindware products is hosted in a cloud environment and while that makes hardware maintenance a non-issue, the software infrastructure needs to be periodically updated to roll up the latest updates. Operating system updates and some of the updates of Comindware product itself require the service to be brought down for a limited period of time. 

To minimize the impact of such downtime on client business, we schedule the maintenance periods in advance and commit all the changes during the least busy times possible - during weekends and outside of business hours, with the exception of emergency maintenance run to protect our Customers from potential data loss.

If you are a Comindware product administrator, you will get a notification several days prior to the maintenance period, with the date and time of the planned maintenance. Make sure to warn your team of this maintenance so they do not plan on using Comindware product during that time. If you think maintenance is taking longer than you expected or if you weren't notified of it, make sure to contact our support team - we are always here to assist you with any unforeseen issues. We'll get you all the current information so you can stay on top of things.

If you are a Comindware user and you are unable to access your Comindware environment because of a maintenance notice page, make sure to get in touch with your network administrator to find out the details on how long the maintenance will last. None of your data will be lost in the process, it is just a matter of time until the product is back online.

Keep in mind that the cloud subscription for Comindware products always includes free product upgrades for the whole duration of the term. Whenever there is a product update available, we will roll them up to our cloud infrastructure. When logging in after a maintenance session, you may also find new product functionality available to you!