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Automating Reports

About Scheduled Reports

Automated reporting allows any interested people (e.g. team manager or customers) see the exact status of your tasks and items at any point of time. In CMW Tracker automated reporting means that you schedule list creation and delivery to particular users on a regular basis. E-mail recipients will receive the e-mail which will contain tasks and docu... Read More

Who is a Report Owner

A report owner is a CMW Tracker user on behalf of which the report was created. Information included in the report depends on a permission level assigned to the report owner. If the report owner has Owners or Members permissions, the report will contain all the data. If the report owner has Viewers or Basic Users permissions, the report may miss so... Read More

Working with Automated Scheduled Reports

To create a scheduled report: 1. Select a list in the Navigation pane and go to the «List» tab. 2. Click the «Schedule Report Delivery» button in the Ribbon. 3. Configure list delivery schedule: Report Schedule — specify how often to send the report (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly), and then select options for the frequency; Delivery Time &m... Read More