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Step 4: Create an Application

Applications allow to create, keep, and organize tasks or docs of the same type. There are three types of applications in CMW Tracker:

  • applications to create and store workflow items, or «Workflow Apps». A workflow item is something which requires attention of several people in turn in your department, for example, a customer claim, a tracking issue, a help desk request.
  • applications to create and store different tasks scattered across your team, or «Tasks Apps».
  • applications to create and store documents of the same type, or «Documents Apps», for example, wiki articles in a wiki library or customer records in a customer base.

1. Open a workspace, in the left pane click «New Application».

2. Choose the application type. Specify the app name, description, click «Save».

3. Then configure the app settings: what information app items should keep, what they should look like, and how they should be processed. Add app members and assign security permissions to them.

See also: About Applications.

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