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Field Identifiers in Tasks Applications

A Tasks application cannot be edited and number of fields is invariable. All task and subtask fields are system. This table lists the fields of the Tasks application. Use these identifiers in your expressions to configure tasks and subtasks.

Identifier Name Description
id The identifier of a task
title The task title
description Description The task description
lastReadDate A date of the latest opening of a task
lastWriteDate A date of the latest change of a task
parent Parent The link to the parent item
creator Creator A person specified as default creator of a task
creationDate Creation Date A date of the task creation
assignee Assignee A person who owns the task
priority Priority The task priority
taskStatus Status The task status
dueDate Due Date The task due date
percentComplete % Complete Percentage of the task completion
completionDate A date of the task completion
timeToCompletion Time remaining to the due date
timeTaskActive The interval between the task creation date and current date
itemGroup Group The parent item group