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About Identifiers

An Identifier (ID for short) is a unique name required for identification of the CMW Tracker objects and object properties. In Comindware Expression Language, identifiers allow an administrator or an architect to refer to objects and object properties from expressions. Identifiers are usually limited to letters, digits and underscores, and should start with a Latin letter.

A unique ID is required for internal identification of the following CMW Tracker objects:

  • account
  • application
  • document
  • workflow item
  • task
  • workflow status
  • value of a field of the List of values type

Unique identifiers are also required for object properties, for example, for item or document fields. In order to access properties of the current object the construct «$->Property» is used (the short form «$Property» produces the same result), where «$» represents the current object (most commonly task or item) and «Property» is the identifier of an object property (task or item field).