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List of tutorials

In order to start working with CMW Tracker, we provide you with the list of tutorials designed to guide you every step of the way.

  1. Account Administration - in this tutorial you'll learn how to navigate through the Administration area, create and manage users, etc.
  2. Workspaces and Applications - in this tutorial you'll learn how the system setup starts in CMW Tracker, what kind of entries you can create, etc.
  3. Workflow setup - in this tutorial you'll get a deeper understanding of the Workflow App settings and learn how to create your own workflow scheme.
  4. Step and transition properties - in this tutorial you'll learn how to customize each step of your process, define responsible users, and implement business rules.
  5. Fields and form - in this tutorial you'll find out how to create all sorts of fields for capturing information and customize requests and documents layout.
  6. Other application settings - in this tutorial you'll learn how to set up email notifications for your team, assign access permissions, and export information.
  7. Taking part in a workflow - in this tutorial you'll get a grip on how to work and collaborate with your colleagues in CMW Tracker.
  8. Working with tasks and documents - in this tutorial you'll learn how to copy items and delete them in a bulk, create recurring tasks, etc.
  9. Lists and reports - in this tutorial you'll find out how to work with lists in CMW Tracker.
  10. Working with dashboards - in this tutorial you'll learn how to organize your own monitoring center in CMW Tracker.